Where is Elaine Choa?, over 240,000 jobs lost!

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    She was laid (off)
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  2. It wasn't obvious to most as to how it was going to occur, but indeed it has.

    America politicos did significant damage to the country by giving away a big chunk of our middle class to cheap overseas labor.
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  3. wow,

    thanks for calling that name back to mind, youi're right....

    Auto(s) bailout, and they employed everybody (Canadians, Mexicans, Asians, Chinese) just not America Americans (of all backgrounds)...

    yeah, never mind about these immoral rate / terms on these subprime mortgages (most of which qualified as prime paper),

    never mind about all the honest bill paying taxpayers and municipalities all suffering from these financial abuses and enrichment of the wealthy

    never mind about all these executives getting parting bonus(es) for having presided over all these failed and lost jobs, and billions of vanishing asset wealth....

    who's being helf accountable for that or going to jail....

    yeah, thanks for the memories
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  4. take a bow, Elaine Chow

    look at what work you and the Bush-II Administration accomplished!!!!

    wow, with a track record like that,

    perhaps we should ......

    hmmm, let's seeeeeeee
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  5. Breaking News Alert
    The New York Times
    Friday, December 5, 2008 -- 8:38 AM ET

    Unemployment Rate Rises to 6.7%

    New figures from the Labor Department show a much sharper
    worsening of employment conditions than economists expected.
    Some 533,000 nonfarm jobs were eliminated in November, the
    most in one month since the mid-1970s, and figures for the
    prior two months were revised upward by 199,000. The
    unemployment rate rose two-tenths of a point to 6.7 percent
    in November; it would have been even higher if large numbers
    of discouraged workers had not given up looking for work.
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  6. Huh?

    One look at the UAW should clue you in to the type of pay scale labor demanded for shit jobs. How much is it worth to pay an American to work in a styrofoam cup factory?
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  7. Yes, they run an ole boys club where you have to be related or be a good friend to get a cushy job. Too bad that only exists for a fraction of the population, not the standard, in case it's not obvious. Do you travel outside you gated community more than once a year?

    Hmm, the whole UAW scheme reminds me of CEOs, execs and board of directors. I wonder where they got the idea.
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  8. early on, Elitetraders on this network were offended by her high minded, elitest attitude towards her job, role and presentation to the American people.

    This from an Asian, who showed her cowl, scorn and disdain for the average educated, average employed minimum wage earner, as if these scum were not even worth of being counted on the rolls as something to keep track of.

    What arrogance, and it seemed to fit in with that idiot like administration that hired her, through whatever means they found this person from under some rock somewhere. It turns out she is the wife of a Senator, so this was a thank you job for another unqualified idiot, just like her boss.

    They ruined the American middle class through policies that enriched wealthy countries and people. They did not defend the average person in Appalacia and other poverty striken areas who could not prevent these massive offshoring efforts.

    The protected the rights of companies and gave them tax breaks to encourage employment, just not necessasarily here in the United States, but overseas. Policies like these were part and parcel of the Republican mainstream mantra and they had their demogogery and propaganda espoused on CNBC through the likes of Crudlow and other idiot anchors and moderators.

    Over 1.2 million jobs lost in 2008 alone, well before Bush-II leaves office, and what do they have to say?, after being thrown out of office in the elections?

    From the Economic(s) perspective, nothing!
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  9. Honestly you're full of shit.

    Low wage, low skill jobs have been leaving America for the past four decades.

    Unless the "government" wants to enact protectionism there's little impetuous forcing Americans to purchase higher cost domestic goods instead of reasonably priced Asian products.

    Did Elaine chow have anything to do with Zenith? Or a Cisco call center in India? A successful business cannot afford to sell you a router for $60 and then pay a guy $20 an hour to offer you pro-bono technical advice.

    The Onion uses humor to hammer the point.


    <embed src="http://www.theonion.com/content/themes/common/assets/videoplayer2/flvplayer.swf" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowScriptAccess="always" wmode="transparent" width="400" height="355" flashvars="file=http://www.theonion.com/content/xml/86616/video&autostart=false&image=http://www.theonion.com/content/files/images/OBAMA_SHITTY_JOBS_article.jpg&bufferlength=3&embedded=true&title=Obama%20Promises%20To%20Stop%20America%27s%20Shitty%20Jobs%20From%20Going%20Overseas"></embed><br/><a href="http://www.theonion.com/content/video/obama_promises_to_stop_americas?utm_source=embedded_video">Obama Promises To Stop America's Shitty Jobs From Going Overseas</a>
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  10. Honestly you're full of shit.

    we as a people have had the most extreme policies and lack of enforcement of regulations (already on the books, including Glass Steigal Act and SEC's uptick rule) wreck havock over the last 8 years under Geo. Bush-II and his administration that it keeps astounding all as more and more news events show just how much has broken.

    Wait until the states and the govenors release their failed budgets and loss tax revenue because of the monumental shifts enacted that deprived them of their tax bases comes out. Oh, it already has, with them lined up to get billions in bailout monies too from Congress, as if there were some printery that could accommodate all these requests.

    Worse than 1929 collapse and subsequent Depression, no matter what the causes were or who's to blame, its upon us now and for the next few years.

    It never really mattered who won the election, all these events were coming out into the open anyway.

    Oh, on the quality of jobs being sent off shore, add to that:

    ....Investment Bankers
    ....Corporate Lawyers, (come to think of it, that's not so bad)
    ....all forms of advanced Computer Programming, Systems Development and Technical support jobs too

    not just garment workers and low skilled wagers,

    so, where were those facts gleaned from the pages of respectible daily newspapers like Washington Post, NY Times, LA Times and Chicago Tribune?, hmmmm

    anyone who has over 4,000 comments on Elitetrader, such as yourself, has to have been in the game a long time, and that's worth respect,

    but this name calling and cursing just to make a point, well, even in college, we always knew who the least prepared person in class was, when they resorted to that. keep it clean and respectible.

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