Where is Elaine Choa?, over 240,000 jobs lost!

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  1. sg20


    Typical republican talks, the stats are total opposite of the Clinton administration, yet we had whopping $230 billions in surplus. Where do we stand now in the world as the US economy might is getting weaker? I'd sure love to have our manufacturing base back so that American doesn’t have to go begging for jobs…So much for a bunch of economist intellects yet nothing is done right to fix the current situation to get America back on track. Pretty lame as far as I’m concern.

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  2. FYI: Clinton was into his second term before unemployment moved below 5%.

    At the end of 2000 the avg hourly wage was $14.01 today it's close to $18 an hour.
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  3. Arnie


    All that means is the government collected more tax dollars than they needed. That's not a good policy. That $230B would have been way more productive if it was in the private sector. Ideally, the govt should not run a surplus or a deficit.
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    I think it's the surplus from trades not from taxes. In any case, it's better than running the country on debts like we are now.

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    Just FYI, BMWs are made in South Carolina. The people who you will be helping are the American people, not the Euros.

    By buying a BMW in the US, you will actually be helping your budget deficit, because the government will be able to collect more tax dollars, from its sale and its use.
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  6. I think only the Z4 is built in SC.
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  7. What's the purchasing power of those dollars?

    You can make more money but still afford less.
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  8. when?

    is there a reference or public document link you can attach?
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  9. If you move to Zimbabwe, you will make 1,000,000 times more Zimbabwe $ per hour than 8 years ago. That is true, without exaggeration.

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  10. Check it when President Hillary visits foreign countries.


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