Where Is Egypt Politics Headed?

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    Here are some interesting results from Pew and Zogby polls done in Egypt in 2010 showing what Egyptians think on several issues.

    *Is it good that Islam plays a large role in politics?
    95 percent said "yes"

    *Is Islam's influence in politics positive or negative?
    85 percent said "positive"

    *How much of a role does Islam play in Egyptian politics now?
    Only 48 percent said "large"

    *Are suicide bombings justified?
    Only 46 percent said "never"

    *What do you think of Hamas?
    49 percent were favorable.

    *What do you think of al Qaeda?
    20 percent were favorable

    *Should men and women be segregated in the workplace?
    54 percent said "yes"

    *Should adulterers be stoned?
    82 percent said "yes"

    *Should apostates from Islam face the death penalty?
    84 percent said "yes"

    *Should thieves be flogged or have their hands cut off?
    77 percent said "yes"

    *Is democracy preferable to any other kind of government?
    Only 59 percent said "yes"

    *On the U.S.:
    85% had an unfavorable attitude toward the U.S.

    *On Barack Obama:
    54% had a negative view of him

    *On Israel:
    90% named Israel as one of two nations that are the greatest threat to them

    *On the role of clergy in government:
    65% agreed with a statement that "clergy must play a greater role in our political system"

    *On Iran:
    79% say it would be positive if Iran acquired nuclear arms

    *On Iraq:
    75% said the Iraqi people were worse off due to the war

    I think what we will see in Egypt will be far from what we (Americans) think democracy represents and may no longer be conducive to peace in the region.


  2. While some of their views are obviously extreme, the ones I've saved from your post are understandable, and might even be considered moderate, especially their view of clergy playing a greater role in government. I would guess if you asked that question of republican Americans the percentage would actually be higher.
    Iraq is worse off, and if the horseshit that our so called democracy has produced as of late is any indication of things to come for them, they'd be better off with something else.
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    I guess you are not familiar with the separation of church and state. Clergy are not allowed to be part of government in the U.S. To say they would be better something else than a democracy that works like ours, you really don't understand the U.S. However, Egypt would not be able to create a democracy similar to that in the U.S. given their beliefs that we would consider radical.
  4. I guess you're too stupid to understand what I wrote. I know there's a separation between church and state, I'm not so certain the average republican voter likes that fact, and if asked would probably respond just like the Egyptians did.
    I think democracy is great, just like capitalism. Unfortunately we no longer practice either in this country, so exporting our corporate fascism to Egypt probably doesn't look very attractive to them, the people in the streets. A few thugs running the show, yeah, I'm sure they'd love it, just like here in the good old USA.
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    Oh, contraire o' capitan. You are the stupid one if you think the average Republican wants clergy to have a voice in government.

    Corporate fascism! You really are stupid. We don't have corporate dictatorial control here and we certainly don't export such an idea.

    From your illogical comments about the U.S. I doubt you actually live here.
  6. You're naive to the point of absolute stupidity if you think the corporations don't own the political system.
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    Sure corporations have influence but your comment shows you know very little about politics. So why don't you quit being an ass hole and go start your own thread about your subject. I started this thread about Egypt politics and Egyptian poll results. If you don't have anything reasonable to add on that subject then go away.
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    Egypt will remain a secular pseudo-democracy with billions of dollars pouring in from the west and saudi arabia to prop them up.

    This despite Barrack Obama's attempt to force a coup. Looks alot like Honduras to me. A few people with spines easily back down the boy president community organizer. He's got no juice.
  9. Game, set, match. Glad to see you know when you're defeated.
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    You're not just a fool, you are a damn fool. You don't even know the definitions of the terms you toss about. Your logic defies explanation and you need to just crawl back into your hole, loser. Your arrogance is misplaced in a puddle of ignorant slime. If you had a clue, you haven't shown it here. Now go away or get on topic slime ball.
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