Where is Echo ?

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  1. I called Echo, they say they just had their best year ever and are doing fine financially. From the growth in their trader base and in how many guys they are training, I would have to say that this looks accurate.

    They did acknowledge that with the amount of emailing they do they had to upgrade to a new email server about a month and a half ago and have been experiencing problems with receiving some emails. They say that if anyone is having any difficulty with emailing them, to please call.

    Their numbers are 866-700-ECHO in the US and 602-977-0777 outside of the US. I would be surprised if anyone calls them and does not get a response immediately. They are always very responsive to my calls.

    Hope that helps you guys,

    -Jim Reynolds
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  2. Bryan Roberts

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    nice try but no cigar. take your little kiddie act somewhere else.... echo is in great shape....it's hard to reach them because they are on the phone with so many new traders coming over from bright.
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  3. Bryan Roberts:

    I hope you're right .... the business don't need another Harbor.

    I still don't understand why they want to keep your money (if you try to leave) for 12 Months.:confused:
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  4. Jackal


    Has something to with SEC regulations, I am under the impression that LLC firms NOT holding money for 12 months are in violation of this SEC rule.
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    I thought I'd close the thread, since I was the one who started it.

    Rob Keller got back to me today explaining that their email servers had had problems. He provided good information and urged me to call him - which I will do.

    Thank you all for your help.
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