Where is Echo ?

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by vikana, Jan 21, 2002.

  1. I've tried contacting Echo for the last week now. No responses to any of the emails I've sent (other than the auto-responder), no call backs etc.

    A friend of mine has been trying to get hold of them for several weeks - same experience.

    Are they still alive ?
  2. Vikana-

    are you just trying by e-mail or did you try calling them?

    I talked to someone in operations last week. She picked up the phone on the first ring.
    Maybe they're having trouble with their e-mail server.
  3. I actually first called and left a message. Sent email a day later.
  4. cag


    I also sent a couple emails about one month ago and two weeks respectfully without a response. Nothing! I also called to no avail and I'm pissed because my only other option is Bright, which I might add has been extremely responsive and professional. Never thought I'd be saying something nice about Bright but at least they reply and return messages either email or voice... I know I'm not the only one out there as Buttermilk and a few others have chosen Bright because of echo's unresponsive nature...too bad...
  5. Vik-
    That's unlike them. I'm not a member of that firm, but I did send them my questionaire and I received the full package the next day via FedEx...so I'm sure they're alive...let me kow if you hear anything...but I'm sure the office is closed today.
  6. I agree. Last year when I first figure out that there was something called "pro" I communicated with Echo several times. That's why I decided to "post for help".
  7. Rob and Jeff had to leave town unexpectedly to San Diego to help get the office up and running. They should be able to answer your questions this week as they are catching up from being gone

  8. Could EchoTrade be having some serious financial problems?

    It takes twelve months to get your deposit back if you want to leave. Is that indicative of a company needing cash? RTharp didn't sound to convincing to me.
  9. Travelling for a few days could explain why I haven't heard back, but CAG has been trying for a month. Others I know have indicated similar problems getting hold of anyone at Echo
  10. hey check your private messages.
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