Where is Don Bright?

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by Samsara, Mar 8, 2011.

  1. Samsara


    It looks like it may be a choppy day, so I'm taking a moment to stand aside and avoid trading.

    Where's Don been? I respect Don a ton and he hasn't gone long without posting often here.

    Anyone have any idea what's up?
  2. Roark


    Maverick drove him off.
  3. Samsara


    Mav might know.

    At any rate, I hope everything's copacetic over in NV.
  4. He is one of the good guys in the prop business. Hope he is ok.
  5. Rumout goes he has problems with his heart valve...
  6. Maverick74


    Don has had some health issues in the past. I hope he is OK.
  7. Samsara


    Yes, I remember that period years ago.

    Hope there's nothing new in that area. If any news develops, I'd be interested in sending something his way.
  8. cstfx


    I was just thinking the same thing last night and was going to ask but figured once someone mentions his name, he usually comes in to say something.

    Real spooky the way he's able to do that.
  9. BSAM


    He went to shit and the hogs ate him.

    (Just kidding. He's a good dude. Hope he is fine.)
  10. Samsara


    Yeah I figured posting his name would produce that effect. The fact that it hasn't indicates either he's sick of ET (unlikely), he moved to the outback with his vast riches to teach trading to the Maori (more likely), or something's up.
    #10     Mar 8, 2011