Where is Ben Lichtenstein?

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    see subj.
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    I listened to his squawk from the CME floor via chatroom on Thinkorswim platform. He told the chatroom that he was taking the month of August off, as Thinkorswim was "revamping" things. Haven't heard anything more than that.
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    The tradersaudio.com got disconnected. I heard speculations that he will not return to ToS.
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    What was he squawking? The driving range that was put up a while ago
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    Besides SP pit's commentary, he did very interesting webinars on Wednesdays.
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    He did an outstanding job squawking the selloff seven years ago.

  7. So what happened to Ben? Is he done with Squawking? Is he gone from TD Ameritrade/TOS?
  8. I personally could never listen to that noise for long. Given the nature of the market today, I doubt if there was any value added for years.
    Keep you awake though
  9. Ben actually did more than just squawk what was left of the S&P Pit, he would keep you alert on new highs and lows in other markets and when numbers were being released. Activity got so low in the pit that he switched to calling the bid/offer in the ES dom a few years ago.

    I don't have access to TOS anymore, could someone log-in and check the chat room to see if Ben is still around or not? Thanks.
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    When i was trading the ES I found that Lichtenstein broadcast very helpful.
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