where is Baron Rothschild when you need him?

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  1. Baron Rothschild, the quintessential opportunist, advised that the best time to buy is when there is "blood in the streets."

    So.... who's buying?
  2. from the article quoted above

    Sometimes the blood is your own
    But Mark Mobius reported in his book Passport to Profits that there is a second part to Rothschild's quote -- one that is perhaps even more impressive and intellectually inspiring. Buy when there's blood in the streets, "even if the blood is your own."
  3. Must mean there isn't enough blood yet.

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    and they should know given the rothchilds control over the cenral banks in the countries of the world. like ecb, fed, boe etc.

    the only countries 10 years ago with central banks controlled by a 'government' rather than western shareholders and financiers were:

    n korea

    we know whats happened to the last two. blood on the streets. both these countries central banks are now owned and controlled by the western private sector. this was one of the first things to happen in the 'restructuring' of these countries

    iran is clearly next on the list. then n.korea or cuba? notice how these two are changing according to recent news. wonder why!

    the rothchilds empire is a controlling interst in all private central banks to date. thats how they know theres going to be blood on the streets in advance because they are the financiers of the cause.
  5. What typical % stake do the Rothschilds have in those central banks ?
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    their holding is usually through various other companies. jp morgan (the founder) was a big business partner of the rothschilds. he and his bank were and still are a channel for the rothschilds. this is just one example.

    you can find out more about the rothchilds and their control of world finance at the link below.

    i think it was nathan rothchilds who said "he who controls the political leaders money supply, controls the leaders "


    (just ignore the jewish rant at the start - the rest is interesting)
  7. The Jew rant kills it all. I do believe Rothschild's have alot more power then people think. The queen of England swings a mighty big dick too but people never talk about that. The royals got major money around the world in everything.