Where is APPLE going from here?

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by jcinmf, Feb 15, 2012.

Where is Apple going from here?

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  1. North of 500

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  2. South of 500

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  1. jcinmf


    So what do people think? It really seems that even over 500/share, Apple has a ways to go before it settles. There is just so many ways for this to go north with the anticipation of news such as:

    -Early March IPAD 3
    -Earnings thereafter
    -Possible dividend payout
    -Current breakout and hysteria
    -News picking up on the hysteria

    It just feels it has a ways to go from here and it has fundamentals that will help support it.
  2. Gueco


    you mean north/south of 525
  3. jcinmf


    I am actually wondering about 600 at this point......