Where is a system that works?? Help Please!!

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  1. Can anyone just point me to a system that really works and maybe some books or DVD'S that teach trading the S&P 500 E-MINI Futures, been at this since January and I just keep losing more than I gain my money is disapearing slowly, some days faster than others, thanks to all who reply.

  2. I have posted this before ... here we go again

    since you have no "clue" or have no real "edge" that works
    right now in the E minis

    stop trading them

    if you must trade real money

    then try to test your strategies
    using 100 shares or SPY or 200 QQQQ

    or similar until you become profitable

    or look for another market that you can master

    ( i.e. gold - silver - forex - oils - 10 yr notes )

    in some of these markets you too can trade small

    either with mini futures or ETF's

    good luck
  3. l cannot understand for the life of me how anyone can enter this business with such naivety; listen, what on earth makes u think there is a system out there for sale that is gonna give u an edge in the futures mkt. i mean, there are institutions and hegde funds spendin' millions of dollars in black box developement and statistical research. this is utter ignorance or lack of awarness. do u self a favor and change your way of thinkin' and begin to appreciate the complexity of the mkt or quit this biz altogether.
  4. Chopper,

    Sit back and think about the common sense of your question.

    If trading were "easy" everyone would be trading and no one would be supporting the rest of the world. Trading successfully takes focus, determination and patience. Few possess those characteristics. It takes a couple years from the time you set everything up to the time you should start trading with real money. Any rushing of this process will potentially inject failure into the equation especially if that rush is in trading real money sooner than you are ready.

    The old saying is, "you can't rush success", and that is sooooo true in the trading environment.
  5. WOW, well that's not exactley the answers I was looking for I must say that was brutally honest though, look we all know there's so much information on the subjects of trading I could spend thousands of dollars on books, dvd's, systems, but the truth is I don't know what's garbage and what's not so I'm asking for some advice as to where I should look to get good quality information that would help me in my trading so that I could learn and become a better trader, we all have to start somewhere, we all were not born with the knowledge to trade everyone has to learn everything they know about anything in life, what I'm asking is how I can learn where do I go what is recommended by other traders, listen I didn't just one day say hey I want to trade let's just trade this and throw in alot of money so I could lose it, I looked and asked around and have bought books and studied, but everything I've done to this point has not helped me, and everything I have bought to this point has not worked, so that's why I thought I would try to ask here and hopefully try to weed out some of the garbage I've been looking at and or buying, but it seems all I'm getting is negitive responses, I just want to learn, people do this everyday there's no reason why I can't, so unless your willing to help or just point me in the right direction, just move on....

  6. chopper1967,

    Here are two system that may interest you. Take a look at them and see if they might fit your "way" that you like to trade. Otherwise, try on the shoe and see if it "fits". Take all of the signals and slowly, methodically build your wealth. Do not expect fireworks, but expect the hard work of trading to teach you what you need to know.



    Good Trading to you :)

    If this does not help you, then perhaps trading is not for you. I know I do not have any right to say that to you, but you must lower your expectations and find "your" way and if it be me that helped you then so be it...I am only trying to get your attention enough for you to read my post and look at those links and consider what you really want. STOP LOOKING FOR THE HOMERUNS,

    Michael B.
  7. right, al the info u find on the net is either basic stuff u should already be aware of or shitty advice formulated to keep u alive in the mkt and ultimately and inevitably slowly bleed to death. forget about books, seminars dvd and shite like that. all u need to do is spend a lot of time in front of the screen analyzin' prints and charts. dont trade for months, just observe repetitive patterns and what triggers 'em. once u realize the possibilities the mkt offers u try take advantage of 'em: begin tradin' small, maybe etfs if u have chosen futs, but u should still spend the majority of time stalkin' the mkt of your choice and trade ONLY when u see somethin' u saw before multiple times and u remember that the outcome justified enterin' a position in the first place...from there it's all progress, and up to u to bring down all the massive barriers and jump all the obstacles in front of u. u need to find your own style and figure it out by uself; that's the only way if u dont have the luxury of bein' a prop trader and havin' a mentor.
  8. There's a lot of info on this site.

    I'm still culling thru tons of old posts....

    Picked up a tidbit yesterday about a data vendor.

    But that's how stuff is. Scattered about. Some good, some questionable and needs to be looked at through whatever prism you've got at the moment.

    And since you never stop learning, I suppose an inquisitive disposition is a good trait to have when slogging through.
  9. Why do you feel that you need to spend money to learn about a topic ie: trading? We have this wonderful wealth of free information between the net and not to mention a local library (ask about an "interlibrary loan" program for books not in the local system). I've never spent a dime for learning materials.

    It takes time, observation and some serious diligence chopper. If trading is something that you really want to do, then keep up the effort.


  10. Thanks I'll take a look....
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