Where I can see who are the most active members on ET ?

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    Where I can see who are the most active members on ET ?
  2. by the number of posts they have, under their user ID. But the search page doesn't seem to sort by number of posts, so.
    But somehow, this seems like zero-value-add knowledge. Frequency hardly correlates with wisdom.
  3. Actually, there is a reciprocal correlation.
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    Leaving frequency out of the picture, how can I see a ranking for the oldest members ?
  5. Ask people their age? :D
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    Sorry,oldest REGISTERED members
  7. I'm curious, why do you want to know whom are the oldest REGISTERED members???

    Anyways, last year someone figured out that only a few percentage of the original members where still using ET.

    However, I'm sure many have simply just changed their user name and are still posting at ET.

    One way is to find someone that's been posting for many years and then click on their post number.

    Next, go to their very first post that was posted at ET.

    You can then see whom was posting at ET at that particular day.

    Next, find someone back then that was a member for several years and repeat the process of checking their first post.

    For example, I've been a member of ET since Jan 2002.

    Those post numbers below my user name contains all of my message posts via the link below...


    After clicking on the above link...

    Click the "Last Page" to view my first pages of post at ET.

    Next, scroll all the way down to the bottom to see my very first message post 01-14-02 @ 04:49 AM.

    If you click on that message post, you'll be reading posts back in Jan 2002.

    All you need to do then is find someone back then that's been posting longer than me...

    You can then accumulate your own personal list of ET members that's been around for a very long time. :D

    By the way, Baron (ET owner) must be one of the oldest REGISTERED members.

    The link below is his first post and first thread at ET back on 10-09-00 @ 09:45 PM ...


    The weird thing is that I'm sure ET was a discussion forum before Baron first post because I remember it being spammed at Yahoo back in 1999. :p

    In fact, it was being spammed so much that Yahoo! banned it and you couldn't even make a post at Yahoo! back then with the word EliteTrader.com

    Baron's registration date is Apr 1999.
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    I would rather know who is the most "Ignored" member on ET. Hahaha.
  9. why, are you going to send them a birthday card? This seems like a very pointless exercise, unless you are a marketer.
  10. I would like to know who has the most Elitetrader ID's.
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