Where I can find all the contracts (volumes) traded?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Canados, Dec 29, 2008.

  1. Canados


    Hi traders,
    I would need the trasactions of every session..so volumes traded during the day and at what price
    Not the total volumes of a given time frame

    I need this for futures, indexes and currencies

    is there a website that can help me?

    THANKS in advance
  2. click on Q of particular commodity, left menu - Price Overview click on
    Futures Contracts which will display V and OI of all open contracts of
    the previous trading day
  3. Canados


    thank you for replying but I meant all the transactions of the day...every single transaction with number of contracts.
    I need the size (number of contracts) traded at a given price
  4. You mean time and sales?
  5. Canados


    yes, I trade CFD and currencies so I don't have a platform with time and sales. I'm looking for a website with time and sales. I already know that it's impossible to find a website with realtime time and sales, so it's ok if they are delayed
  6. You can get free real time T&S on various demo platforms but I don't know of a website that stores a day's worth of data.
  7. you'd have to go to the exchanges sites