Where Have you Traded?

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  1. Where have you traded and how was it working there?
  2. Consider reading the other threads under Prop Firms. People have already said this many times.
  3. Please try and make responses genuine and detailed. I'm very away that I can look at any post and see people talking trash about firms. I am looking for information that's interesting in a good or bad way to write about.
  4. You must be joking. You make a request for free advice and turn it into an RFP (Request for Proposals?)

    Sorry I read this thread. :mad:
  5. Traderzone.... I am in the middle of writing a book in my spare time on how the stockbroker fad turned into the prop trader fad. I'm trying to get input from people that worked at some of these firms in new york.
  6. I've traded in Houston and San Francisco. WiFi works great!:D
  7. Surdo


    I have traded in Ipanema, Cabarete, Buenos Aires, Puerto Banus, & Cyprus....I almost forget New York!

    Can I get a copy of the book?
  8. To Clear it up..... I was asking what firms you have traded at and what was your experience, locations are good too but more interested in the types of firms. If you feel uncomfortable leaving their name in this thread just PM me. Any good stories, bad stories, funny stories, etc. If you want to PM me and send me stuff that way you can or just post it. If you do contribute leave me your email and whether I use it or not I'll send an electoric copy of the book when it's done.

    I am trying to get an average day traders experience who trades at an arcade type prop shop.
  9. Quote from WinItAll:

    I'm not really sure why there are so many negative people on this site.

    because people like you start 3 different threads in one day on the same subject, and some of them pretend to be interested in prop trading when in reality, you are trying to get them to write a book for you

    I thought I could get some good insight from different people's experiences but instead I get a whining little girl like you

    As you said, "I WANT INFO ABOUT PROP FIRMS. PLEASE MAKE YOUR ANSWERS GENUINE AND LENGTHY (By the way, did I mention I am actually writing a book using your experience and did not mention that?

    A deceptive who probably doesn't trade and bashs the business b/c you failed in it.

    Deceptive - person posing as a trader and actually writing a book. "Failed in it" A person who knows nothing about prop trading and begs others for information trying to write a book on a subject he knows nothing about.

    Don't bother responding. You are a selfish crud and I won't be reading it or your "book."

    People are well advised to ignore a content thief.

    Posting to all 3 of his new threads.
  10. Retard.... I've been trading for the past eight years and unlike you am fortunate enough to take some time to right a book. I started trading before there were a million and one prop firms.

    I probably have forgotten more about trading than you'll ever learn. And unlike you I'm not living at home in my parent's basement.

    I was fortunate to start trading before all of these sub llc's came to be and when you had to have a license. So before your pathetic attempt at breaking into this business ends in a few weeks why don't you either supply me with some of your experiences or just don't come onto the threads. Like I said, you're a whining little woman that has never made a living trading so keep your comments to yourself. Also don't falsely quote me, I never said make your answers lengthy, i said make them genuine and detailed.

    I have some great career advice for you though, head down to your local union office and apply for a job. I hear you get great benefits taking out the trash for a living.
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