where have all the traders gone?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by jasmine1, Nov 7, 2005.

  1. jasmine1


    What happened?

    I have read Elite Trader forums for over two years and seen a real dip in quality. I'm sure most people here notice it but can you help identify why? I'm asking a real question here and not looking for your basic garden variety wise-crack response.

    So many people - So tightly connected - So much potential
  2. Did you decide to do something about it? oh you did.. you made a post about it. And you decicated your 6th post in 2 years for that. Brilliant.
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    Is this how you like to be spoken to - like your an idiot?
  4. Unfortunately, the untalented Mr Ripley, is representative of a new breed of ignorant undercapitalized gamblers that have made this place their home.
  5. You haven't been promised a rose garden when you joined ET.

    And if you find ET has deteriorated wouldn't it be more constructive to make some suggestions to improve the site?
  6. ozzy


    The new breed always ends up eating the food of the older, slower, less energetic, less agressive, ...... etc etc. It's the way nature works.

    Someone so old and wise as yourself should know this? Never underestimate the new generation.


    P.S I hope that viagra is working out for you.

  7. jasmine1


    42,000 people

    $1,000,000.00 average intra-day buying power

    $42,000,000,00.00 collective power
  8. 42,000 people????!?!

    I'd be willing to bet there aren't 1500 unique individuals. Lot's and lot's multiple personality disorder going here.

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  10. What we have heeya is a failure to communicate :p
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