where have all the traders (and Investors) Gone??

Discussion in 'Trading' started by GD2KNO, Dec 26, 2002.

  1. GD2KNO


    What happened to year end portfolio adjusting, tax selling and the like, I could get bored into over-trading.

    That's why I'm distracting myself by reading and writing here on Elite.

    Thank yoiu for keeping me safe!

    Happy Holidays
  2. it happened in october this year.
  3. GD2KNO


    Don't recall it being THIS slow, especially for so looooong

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  4. Actually it happened in July. We had december volume in july.......just look at your chats
  5. daytr8r


    what does the volume in july have to do with year-end portfolio adjusting?
  6. Not a lot of need for tax-loss selling, since there are not too many gains that need to be offset.
  7. Here's a thought, one that I have been waiting for quite some time...Bear Markets typically don't end with THE BOTTOM..as evidenced in July, or October...they typically begin thier demise when investor apathy sets in, i.e. no one cares anymore, and the long awaited weeding out process begins...when everyone just gives up from lack of interest.

    We may be seeing the start of this now, as we are basically where we were since late October.

    Something to ponder.

    Happy Holidays
  8. The more things change...
  9. I discussed this with another trader i know last week....He was hoping for the old "JANUARY" affect....but there's one problem:

    IN the late 90's people MADE huge money and then would sell all their losers in December for tax purposes, and would often buy them back in January....ex: you owned dell at 30...it was 27 in December....sell it , write the loss, wait 30 days and buy it back as a long term hold at 28 or so.....the problem is, everybody has losses....there's no longer huge gains and tax liability to off set. Could be quite some time before we see that again.