Where Have All The Countrywide Bulls Gone

Discussion in 'Trading' started by THE-BEAKER, Nov 19, 2007.

  1. a little quiet on the forum the last week or so.

    do i suspect some people are hurting on countrywide.

    i think so.

    still short and keeping short.
  2. come on then mozilo.

    dont fancy your own stock at under $11.
  3. will someone from elite trader please tip this stock short so i can cover mine
  4. there were a few idiots bullish on CFC. this one idiot <efficiency> was blabbering all sorts of incoherent nonsense on cfc,... I think he was going completely insane from the price decline and severe losses he is suffering. he bought in the 30's claiming the price wouldn't break 30, then 20,...now cfc is going to go single digits down 12% today.

    he started to get very foul mouthed so I had to put the sorry loser on ignore. great feature by the way on these boards.:D
  5. LOL,
    I don't see that crook buying any shares and trying to support the stock and shareholders.
    I hope he gets prosecuted.
    Plenty of lawsuits on their way and pension funds calling for his removal.
    Lots of pressure to the downside for cfc.
    It will wallow away for months in the single digits.
    Housing/credit crisis/lack of mortgages being written/building stalled...more surprises out there ready to pop up any day.

  6. FAST.AM


    We are getting close to the bottom...lol
    I think GS may have pulled the last stop out today.................food fro thought
  7. come on then.

    what the fuck happened to all you bulls.

    i repeat.

    this company has no business model.

    after all the millions they made from stock sales not one single member of the countrywide board has the bollocks to purchase their own stock.

    it will continue to go down and has made lows that no one on elite trader would have believed.

    still short , staying short unless convinced otherwise buy someone from countrywide purchasing the stock.