Where has the volume gone ?

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  1. I was looking at my stock watch list from Sept 2012 and across the board each stock is now trading at about 50-70% of the previous volume. What kind of rally are we having with such low volume ?
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    low volume rally.
    some people here keep saying that there is no problem with liquidity and HFT is doing fine job providing it. i see exact opposite.
    IWM use trade 4M shares in premarket . now it's 40-150K.
    like i said it before-this market is dry and dead. and that was 'their' idea. the less participants-the easier to manipulate this market with funny money. SEC is doing fine job,by squeezing out everyone ,except for a few chosen ones.
    i can't get my orders executed regardless. thousands of shares are passing by at my prices on many many stocks each day-no fill. who would trade this BS?
  3. Yeap. Spoos is pretty much averaging holiday half day volume most days...
  4. Volume will pick up if this ever starts selling off, but until then volume trends toward zero as price goes to infinity!
  5. I don't trade futures or forex, has their volume decreased in a similar pattern to equities ?
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    i don't see this either. it's low volume,pathetically small range moves and flat openings .each and every day. this market(fake or real) squeezing out everyone(with maybe exception of options sellers)
  7. Why do we get these posts every time there is an extended bull leg ? Think about it, if there are no sellers yet what will equity prices do ? If you wanted to sell a house but prices went up every week, would you really sell if you didn't need to ? What would you say if someone said "Boy, nobody is selling their homes in this neighborhood I'm upset about this !!!". You might say "Are you buying ?" and offer your place at a much higher price.

    Stock market is just people buying ownership in companies. This site seems to have a whole lot of short term traders that forget this.
  8. If this was a true and normal bull leg then by definition we would have increased market participants and increased buying of equities/contracts...but the opposite is happening. This is an artificially propped up and manipulated market.
  9. pfranz


    To me this clearly shows that they are forcing the market to go up despite investors will. Many hedge funds don't want to buy stocks, many big investors don't want to buy them either. That's why a lot of liquidity is still out of the market, though they sent bond yields near 0 and dragged equity up.
    If they manage to get investors into the market, the same investors will come out as soon as possible.
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    It's retail. Retail is bigger than anyone else. When they want to buy, there's nothing to stop them and they feel that they missed out. They don't trade. They buy and then they sell when the market is 10% lower.
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