Where has free FX data for metastock

Discussion in 'Data Sets and Feeds' started by mfhboy, May 16, 2005.

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    Just daily data would be fine enough. Thanks!
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  4. http://www.forexite.com

    it's in russian but the page names are not. browse the site by mouse over the links and look for the forex history section.

    you can get 1min data back to 2001

    use it as you see fit, but be warned that i believe other people have reported spikes and strange bars in places in this set.

    best of luck
  5. hahahaaah )
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    You can also use HSQuote (google it) and it'll convert Forex data from the Yahoo servers into a format compatible with Metastock.
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    I meant to say that before HSQuote converts the data into Metastock format it pulls its Forex data from OandA.com, not the Yahoo servers.
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    Argh! You really had my hopes up there. But it only downloads closing price, no OHLC data. Apparently that's all that Oanda provides.