where does YG trade ?

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  1. on NYSELIFFE? wtf !
    I am not getting quotes and it looks like the trading venue is no longer ECBOT but NYSELIFFE. Did they just kill a great product ?
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    Mar 27, 2009

    ECBOT Metals (ZG / ZI / YG / YI) Migrating to NYSE-LIFFE

    At the end of March, the CBOT will be transferring its electronically traded precious metals segment to the NYSE-LIFFE (the contracts are listed on IB as ZG/ZI/YG/YI). Effective as of the close today, the market data for these contracts will be provided by the NYSE and a new data subscription will be required in order to continue receiving the information. The contracts involved are:

    100 oz. gold futures (ZG)
    5000 oz. silver futures (ZI)
    Mini-sized gold futures (YG)
    Mini-sized silver futures (YI)
    100 oz. gold futures options (OZG)
    5000 oz. silver futures options (OZI)
  3. The CME had an agreement with NYMEX that if NYMEX used GLOBEX the CME wouldn't compete with NYMEX products. Alas NYMEX bought COMEX and the CME bought the CBOT and two competing metals listings were in play. By terms of the agreement Comex contracts had the upper hand.

  4. wtf is NYSE LIFFE, Do you have to pay for data ?
    If you do ,this product is dead !
    Such a shame, looks like I will only be trading GLD from now
  5. It's a dollar a month for the data for both professional and retail.
  6. thanx, I get quotes now but this product is dead, no trading taking place in the April and aUGUST CONTRACTS
  7. Maybe the CME's mini contracts will pick up the slack when they start trading in mid April. That would be fine by me as there is definitely demand for the mini gold and silver contracts and they've got a lock on the big ones anyway. We'll see..
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    If I m right, there are mini contracts on comex gold and silver already( different tick size than YG,YI ). Are they trying to create the exact same as NYSE LIFFE?
  9. a. lead month for gold futures is JUNE at this time

    b. NYSE LIFFE better get their act together or the cme will eat their lunch

    on the other hand competition is great !!!

    mini arb anyone ?

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