Where does WWIII start? Over the Arctic

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    "...Russia, Canada, the United States, Denmark, and Norway own Arctic coasts that could, theoretically, be extended as far as the North Pole. But in the absence of a regional deal, tensions are mounting...."

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    It will start in Washington D.C. Isn't that rather obvious?
  3. This is just MSM drumming up fear to get eyeballs, as usual. All countries involved are submitting their territorial claims to the UN shortly (forget the exact date). Each country is going to claim an area well beyond what is deserved, which will subsequently be reduced by some sort of UN panel. Negotiations will take place, and territories will be established. Problem solved, no wars necessary, let alone a world war...

    As are every country who has a stake.

    Tensions are not mounting any more than usual. All parties have agreed to submit their claim to the UN by a specified date. Everyone understands nothing will be solved until that time at the earliest.

    Canada holds Operation Nanook every year in the Arctic. It is not designed to send a stern message to Moscow, but simply to make our presence known up north, not only to the Russians but to the rest of the world as well. This is MSM trying to start some type of Russia vs. Canada thang.

    Left to their own devices, I am confident that Canada and Russia would be able to compromise on specific subjects relating to the Arctic. It is when the rest of the world (i.e. USA) gets involved, that compromise becomes extremely difficult. Case in point - debt ceiling debate. The USA is not fond of compromise.
  4. At first I thought this post was bullshit mockery. But then I read this part:

    The shipping being the most important aspect in there.

    What the hell is hydrocarbon though.
  5. Oil that is, black gold, Texas Tea.
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    Even if WWIII starts it will be over in 3-4 days. Russia is no match for USA and let alone the whole of NATO.

    They are smart enough to not to resort to using nukes. Russian power, pride and sense of purpose is finished a long time ago. Given a chance 75% of Russians will leave their homeland never wanting to return again even for a visit.

  7. I think WWIII will not be between countries but a general social breakdown and anarchy like Mad Max.
  8. So I take it the Israeli invasion of Iran is off the table (again)?
  9. nuke Denmark, Canada and Norway and divide the Arctic in two?
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    I think what is being considered is an attack, not an invasion. Maybe a mix of bombs and missiles dropped and fired from fighter aircraft, some sabotage, perhaps some assassinations, possibly some long-range missiles with conventional warheads. Israel is not capable of invading Iran militarily. Iran has 78+ million people and a fairly large standing army. Israel has less than 8 million people and a modest sized army though it is well trained and equipped.


    The real threat is Pakistan. Pakistan keeps sponsoring terrorist attacks against India and eventually India might respond with some kind of conventional military attack. It could very easily become a nuclear exchange. It might not even be clear who started it. If China or Russia or the United States thought its interests were threatened by that exchange a larger conflict could erupt.
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