Where does the high level of US self criticism comes from?

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  1. I keep track of blogs, boards and financial 'experts' on their respectable economies in about a dozen of countries and none of them have the ability nor the courage to put the finger in the wound as Americans do.

    US analysis on economics both by the little guy as by most experts is world class leaving all competition far behind.

    If people want to know what is going on in the world of finance they find an American source and copy it.

    I was wondering if some of you guys had any idea where this comes from and if you believe this tells something positive about the US economy versus it's global competitors.

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    200+ years of Freedom of Speech I suppose.
  3. If people want to know what is going on in the world of finance they find an American source and copy it.

    And subsequently blame America.

    Blame America 101, University of Nigeria course offering.

  4. Amen.
  5. We're fundamentally insecure; it's what drives us to be better.
  6. Better? Oligarchal Government takes advantage of our insecurities to usurp unauthorized power and ruin us financially... while lining their own pockets at taxpayer expense? Not what I call better.. :mad:
  7. True, they offer the course in 150 languages. lol
  8. It is worse in other places. Some countries can only be saved by an earthquake that will cause so much grief so that their creditors will erase all their debt. Printing money is a better way than activating faults.
  9. first, this thread should be in the Politics forum

    do me a favour, i don't equate Americans crying in their beer over the milk they spilt to be a
    "high level of US self criticism", given where the economy is and how it got there
    nor do i think America any paragon of free speech, there's lots of examples that it's not
    if "US analysis on economics" were so good the financial crisis would never have happened
    and some ? many American business practices go beyond even the Mafia's code of conduct

    actually this thread should be in the Masturbation forum
  10. Probably from the strong histoical anglophone tendency towards monolinguism.

    I know that for the (democratic) countries whose languages I do speak/read, the "native" observers are if anything more brutal about their own economies/leadership than Americans. But English speakers will generally never see this, because it's not in English.
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