Where does that thing Amanda Drury learn to speak English?

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  1. How did CNBC find this thing? You can never heard what she's saying. She said today that "Saudi" leaks consumer info on Playstation etc., turns out she's trying to say "Sony" leaks consumers.

    Time and time again, you can't hear a thing of what she's saying. She's the only 1 who speak what she thinks is English. Any1 else feels the same way?
  2. ironic post is ironic
  3. frankly, most of the cnbs clowns get on my nerves after a while, no need to pick on any one in particular.
  4. cstfx


    Hello, pot.
  5. Hey she's better to listen to than screeching Maria, and look at. Although she always says 'China' like 'Chiner'.
  6. Have you seen her? Who cares what she says.
  7. The convict accent. Its like they are speaking with a rock in their mouths.

    Although admittedly, Americans have a hard time discerning other English accents. Have you been to Scotland and heard their broad Glawegian accent? Good lord, it was like a foreign language.
  8. Can you re-post this in English? Thanks!

  9. [​IMG]
  10. Try listening to a native from Aberdeen!

    Still, the most difficult to understand English accent has to be a toss-up between - Newcastle, Liverpool or Birmingham.
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