Where does everyone Trade?

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by Early2Rise, Feb 5, 2008.

  1. I am looking on here and seeing A LOT of talk about IB. What else is out there besides them?

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    I use Thinkorswim. They are very good with customer service and I like the software platform and low account minimums.
  3. I am in futures. They look like stocks. Ive lost my shirt in both markets but prefer the futures.
  4. I just asked a similar question in a different thread . . . why is it that whenever anyone brings up TOS, all they can say is that they have great customer service? Why? Can't anyone be descriptive about what they have to offer?
  5. My assumption would be that they have employees posting here as if they are average joe traders and give the pros not the cons.
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    I am no rep for ToS. I just started using them for the last few months coming from Scottrade because I wanted a better software platform and lower rates.

    I like ToS customer service because they have instant live chat and can answer any questions I have.

    I emailed them a couple times after hours and I was able to get two responses within an hour and sometimes even the CEO writes back to you.

    They also was great and fortunate to not close my account when I did not meet their minimum.
  7. I used to be an IB client. Their customer service is horrendous, and there are better trading platforms out there. I trade short puts and futures. I now use Global Futures Exchange and Trading. Their customer service is the best I have ever encountered, and that goes for all brokers and other businesses. The commisions match or are lower than IB. The J-trader platform, which I use for my futures orders, is much faster and more efficient than IB. The RAN platform is a little "clunky" for my options trades, but since speed isn't really a need, it suffices. Their Passport service provides accurate portfolio information, but not streaming. I have found that streaming info wasn't really necessary for my trading. Screen can be refreshed as needed. They get their statements out the same day, around 8PM EST. RCG is their FCM, and they are outstanding.
  8. I too am with TOS, and can attest to the great customer service. How many times have you gotten an email back on Sunday night? Or a call to remind you that you need to close an expiring options position?
  9. "Where does everyone Trade?"

    I trade on the beach with wireless internet access. Oh, you mean which broker. Good, because I really trade in my parents basement....

    I use IB. They piss me off at times, but I can't find anybody else who offers me what I need (automated Excel trading, futures trading with index quotes, multiple accounts) at a good price.