Where do you trade rice futures?

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  1. I cant find an exchange that trades rice (and before you answer- CBOT rice is dead). How the rice market works without futures?
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    Dalian Commodity Exchange, China,
    Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange, China
    and definitely CBOT

    I think very few traders / farmers trade rice futures.

    anyway foreigners cannot trade those rice futures from China exchanges
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  5. an illiquid futures market OP wants to trade exists. not many of those left, sounds like fun and a good way to make money if you're any good
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    that volume is extremely pathetic.
    ES daily volume is > 1000 000

    time for the exchange to close the rice futures.
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  7. looking at the news and everything - seems its time to learn chinese
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    You are not allowed to trade there because you are a foreigner. It's time to change your genes or eat more rice and make everybody here eat more rice.
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