Where do you trade from?

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    Home office for prop firm/own account? Seperate office for prop firm/own account? Prop Firm's office?

    I currently trade from my home office, but I am thinking of renting a cubicle in downtown Chicago. I don't really like working at home anymore as I get distracted easily. I tried doing an office last year, but left after the costs were kind of high ($1400+ for an interior office), however now I can afford something better as I am having a better year. $625 for a large cubicle, $1100 for an interior office, $1850 for an exterior (nice view of Lake Michigan), including phones and T1.

    What do you think? The only thing that is learing me away from the cube is the factor of not having a locked door every night I leave, making my computer open for anyone to turn on (and if they can, bypass my security).
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    Actually, yeah, I'll have to check them out too.
  4. trade form a website
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  6. why don't you just be a customer somewhere? Shatkin Arbor, RCG, GHCO, Gelber, etc...you will get tech support and good cheap round turns.
  7. Proprietary firm in CBOT building in Chicago. I have never traded better from any where but Chicago. :D
  8. Home office here (Chicago). I'd offer to go halves somewhere but I really like the freedom of trading from home, plus you can't beat the commute.

    Just curious .. what sort of insurmountable distractions are you experiencing, and are you absolutely sure you can't eliminate most (or all) of them?
  9. I strongly suggest you call Advantage Futures. Call Ed Hague at 312-347-4800. They only clear customer business. You will be given space along with some big spreaders on the main trading floor. $250 per month + $0.50 commish to start and then it drops to $0.10/RT once you hit your cap. No better infrastructure and people can be found in Chicago. I clear through them and they have always been good.
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    Well, I trade from my home office. But here's a stupid suggestion. I havr tried it both ways but I find more to distract me at an office rather than home. However, I realized it wasn't the office I missed, it was the morning routine of getting up, etc. and driving to the office. So, what I do now is get up and depending on the day either wslk the dog, take an hour or so bike ride, or workout. Then, I come in, shower and get ready for work as usual. I just couldn't hang sitting around in my underwear trading any longer.

    The cost benefits are also not to be ignored, and my doggie is happier. Also, the kids know that I go to work, and so there is a bit of separation there as well while I look over my morning notes..

    Just a thought...
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