Where do you think Lay is?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by qdz3se, Jul 5, 2006.

God took Kent Boy to

  1. heaven

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  2. hell

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  3. eternal nil

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  4. dust

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  1. qdz3se


    if you had the power, where would you take him?
  2. SO you think he staged his death? That's interesting...
  3. fake death...

    fly to Mexico..... enjoy life $$$$

    I love 100% fake death to go!!
  4. TGregg


    Interviewing all the people he robbed and enduring all the nasty punishments they could dream up until everybody forgave.

    To be honest, if he truely repented, I'd be pretty lenient if I were one of the punishers, just find me the Holy Grail or somesuch. But if he did not, he'd be one sorry SOB.

    I feel the same way about Lay as I do a rapist or killer, let em fry. Bastids.
  5. Nah MAYBE he is dead and would reincarnate as a rock on Saturn for a ~100 million years with the consciousness intact (memories and all) who knows?
    That's where Hitler is but I suppose Lay is not quite as evil so maybe he is only there for a lesser time. Next level is a tadpole.
  6. I don't understand some of you..

    This guy founded Enron and saw it become the biggest energy trading company in the world.

    Why would anybody want his own company to go bust?

    That his ego or his not wanting to see reality got in the way is one thing, but to compare this guy to a bank robber/real criminal is far fetched.....


    p.s. the only reason he was convicted was because his lawyers were pos...
  7. He is worse than of a common thief. With a lowlife underclass thief you usually know where you stand. Lay an MBA or whatever the bogus "qualification" he has with the privilege and secret handshake of a Bush type silver spoon bred sociopath. What certain is - He is getting his Karma whatever it maybe. His whole company was a corrupt organization and I am not sure what MBA class do they teach ethics such as Enron's. The company and Lay is BOTH good riddance!
  8. Pekelo


    If I think he is in Argentina on the beach, should I choose: dust?
  9. RFLMAO.....