Where do you see inflation and real estate

Discussion in 'Economics' started by commoditiestrdr, Jan 23, 2008.

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    Interesting.... the Fed cut rates by 75 basis points. Where does this leave us with inflation.

    The fed is trying to stimulate real estate with the cut but what will it do to oil and inflation in the long run.

    They are talking about oil going to $150. I think the only way to get oil down is to raise rates. The benchmark on oil is normally around $18. Will we ever see oil at $18 again?

    I think the only way to get it down to that is jack up interest rates....like what they did in the early 80's.

    When the Fed eventually aggressively raises rates what happens to real estate?

    What happens when you see a 9,10 or for that matter 12% mortgage rate.