Where do you normally daytrade from? Home or Office

Discussion in 'Trading' started by trendy, Dec 3, 2003.

  1. trendy


    Just a simple poll to see where most active daytraders trade from. I'm expecting the vast majority to trade from home.

    Myself, I trade from my office. I initially thought about trading from home, but didn't think I would like the daily isolation and lack of personal interaction.

    For those who trade from home, what do you consider to be the benefits and detriments? Yeah, yeah, I know trading in your underwear. But beyond that what is it?
  2. bobcathy1

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    Well, I trade from a boat.

    Freedom to do what you want, when you want.
    No boss to answer to.
    More money than a "real job"
    Meet a lot of fun people online.
    No dress code.
    No obnoxious co-workers.
    No gossip.
    Can afford nice things and vacations.
    Rarely get colds and flu.
  3. who wants to bet Scientist picks "The yacht, beach, or some other exotic location"
  4. trendy


    Hmm, I was thinking more like the lab.
  5. Home...then go to the office for the "real" job :D
  6. And wank while watching porn at the same time trading.:D,
    and no boss to complain about you.
  7. at home and in class(b-school) :)
  8. Sashe


    First half of trading day I am trading from my office, then at lunch time (8pm here) I go home and continue from there.
  9. Are you Bob or Cathy?
    if you don't mind me asking, what kind of internet connection are you using? DSL, Dialup, wireless?
    Oh and where are you?
    Are you moored? On the hook?
    Sailboat, powerboat?

    If your in a marina, I don't believe you about the no gossip part :D


  10. Ebo


    I consider getting dressed for work putting on clean Adidas tear away Sweats! The snaps make 'em easier to remove for the other session.
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