Where do you make money in the Financial World?

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  1. I am on track to break a Half a Million before taxes, could break my first Million. Never had such while trading, or at least never keep't the money long enough as it was shortly taken by losses.

    Many people are not making money in the Financial World and most will not. More layoffs are coming and many are leaving the industry on their own.

    Private Placement in Oil & Gas....Private Equity Firms that deal in Domestic drilling.....the money is increadable , if your good.


    Its funny to see this article as I have been funding Domestic Joint Ventures for two years now. When you google series 22, not much pops up. Many people have no clue about the industry. There are a lot of non-liscenses firms with slick sales men trying to con Mom and Pop and School Teachers in Oil.

    But on the flip side, a reputable firm, with liscense private equity brokers, principle and under FINRA watchdog.....these firms are the way to go.

    The fact that there are very little firms that deal with this high risk investment is a blessing. I have been talking to hedge funds in Chicago, NYC, and Sanfrancsico. Not only are individual accredited investors buying shares in drilling programs, Hedge funds are lookging to through millions into projects as well.

    So, for all of you who want to play the oil game. Do some research and get with a good firm. It may take you a year or so to build a client base...when you do, if your good......the money is beyond your wildest dreams. But it isn't easy to take down a million a year.

    Don't take my work for it......find out for yourself.
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    That is amazing! I take it spelling isn't a job requirement? Woo-hoo!

    (Just busting your chops:p )
  3. Earth to EMRGLOBAL: We understand that the ET crowd is very appealing to self-proclamation but do you ever get tired of hyping Texas and your Private Equity fortunes?
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    Those who blab about making money usually dont have it. You sure do talk a lot.

    I hope you weren't implying that at your past firm you almost made 500k. That would be hysterical. Seeing how you were a 300 share trader.
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    Texas. LOL......sure a lot to hype about. Good food and strip clubs....thats about it.

    If you believe that this clown is making a fortune in PE then I have a bridge to sell you.