Where do you guys go for general & macro news?

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    Looking for some new sites to check out while sipping coffee pre market. Where do you like to look? interested in websites as well as Any decent apps for this purpose.
  2. new zealand announced tonight it will start exporting highly concentrated breast milk
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    somebody is going to reply that news is not needed. Price action can make billions.
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    Lol can’t wait for that comment...and maybe I should have stated this in the OP but I’m not looking for ideas to make daily plays or anything like that just some general market conditions for funsies.

    and everyone knows that the only place to go for trade ideas these days is WSB daily thread.
  6. Skip the daily thread and get an actionable list of 1-day and 7-day gaining hype tickers here: https://swaggystocks.com/dashboard/stocklabs/wallstreetbets-trends

    Today's unsurprising hype tickers:
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  8. BB is currently up another 6% after market right now... is it too early to start celebrating?
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    Yea they are $18 strike (and I overpaid back then) lol...still a bit too soon.
  10. With BB rocketing up after hours right now, currently +15%, and elevated IV, there's a chance you'll be in the money by open tomorrow morning!
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