where do you go to see quotes...

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    ...on futures when your not in front of your trading screen, signed into your brokerage account, etc, and its after market close? What site has everything right there cut and dry, forex, futures, Europe, Asia... etc?

    I'm not talking pay sites or real time, I don't care about a delay, just quotes?
  2. freestockcharts.com
    google finance (can create a portfolio)
    yahoo finance
    or thinkorswim platform can be downloaded to most smartphones.
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    how do you get futures on google or yahoo? I just tried google finance and couldn't get the ES
  4. In Yahoo finance, you can see it here:
    <a href="http://finance.yahoo.com/indices?e=futures">http://finance.yahoo.com/indices?e=futures</a>

    and also here: <a href="http://finance.yahoo.com/q?s=ESM10.CME">http://finance.yahoo.com/q?s=ESM10.CME</a> , that is for the June 2010 contracts.

    If you are new to Emini trading, I suggest you will read the <a href="http://www.stock-trading.me/2010/05/learn-emini-trading-the-basic-fundamentals/">basics on learning emini futures trading</a>, for more details and preparation materials.
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    For quickly checking the overnight action I use quote.com...

    I didn't really check what else it can show but ES,CL etc. are there...
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    thanks guys!
  7. Also right on the CME homepage http://cme.com

    Delayed Quotes: Featured Products
    Product Month Last Change
    Corn Jul 10 336'4 -3'4
    E-mini S&P 500 (Dollar) Jun 10 1067.75 +1.75
    EUR/USD Jun 10 1.1947 -0.0019
    30-Day Federal Funds Jun 10 99.7950 +0.0025
    Gold Aug 10 1216.8 -0.9
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