Where do you go for news online?

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    Hi all, i have been trading for about 7 months now and have been having trouble finding a solid, reliable resource for news about the companies i've been trading. I currently look on yahoo finance and sometimes the company websites but i know there has to be something better out there, perhaps the wallstreet journal? Where do you go to get your news?
  2. There are NO news.

    By the time you read something it was already priced in.
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    So for your trading day, you don't pay any attention to news of any kind because by the time you read it, its too late?
  4. bpcnabe


    he doesn't trade
  5. MrSly


    lol.. well for those of you who do trade, any suggestions?
  6. hmcp


    finviz.com has news stories from several sources.

  7. check briefing.com


  8. I love that site.
  9. Capital IQ best IMHO (about 28k), but if its just news get a browser which has RSS intergrated and use say Reuters / Google Finance feed (free).

  10. Yes it is.
    Welcome to the real world.

    And yes, by the time you read it it's too late.
    And I trade long term.

    Buying during bear markets/recessions, by the time you read about recovery, it's too late.
    Like now: there's no recovery yet, yet the market already rallied.

    Viceversa, by the time you read about recession, the market already plunged.
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