Where do you get your news?

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    Has anyone else noticed that the financial cable stations are routinely behind the pay news feeds by as much as 10 seconds when it comes to statistical reports like crude inventory?

    So this question is primarily for the day traders and scalpers out there. Where do you get your news?

    I've used Need to Know News VOIP feed before. It was alright but to get the XML data feed it was too expensive. I am a huge fan of free stuff. I've found that in this business you rarely get what you pay for...

    A friend of mine has this IKONNews feed which pops up numbers and headlines as a tool tip in his system tray. I don't know if that is an app released by IKON or if its a third party RSS reader. Either way I like it a lot!
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    There is a news service called ho's for CEO's.

    These ho's sleep with the CEO's and have a hidden mike that sends voice recordings wirelessly to a live feed news server.

    In the night, they will ask them questions like, does the judge know that you used your illegal back dated options to buy me a house on fuji? Is Warren Buffet buying out your company? And finally, how did you get to be CEO with such a small penis?
  3. Aboushi


    www.seekingalpha.com and www.forexnews.com

    I like to mix it up
  4. computer quotes..lol
  5. Elitetrader gives me the edge I need to steam towards my life aspiration of becoming a BSD.
  6. seekingalpha is a GREAT site but i also listen to a local radio station to keep up with the info also