where do you get live options quotes

Discussion in 'Options' started by pumpingdumps, Jul 14, 2009.

  1. looking for a basic live options quote chain service for US equities, anyone know a service for this, dont want to trade options just want the intraday live quotes....
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    OPRA is the source for all US equity and index options data. I'm sure you can find a vendor there.

    EDIT: actually this seems exactly what you are looking for.
  4. sweet thanks
  5. Can you take advantage of OPRA over the internet? A quick glance at the documents seems to indicate that you need a connection to the National Market Systems (NMS) distribution network. Is that a secured network or are the prices available via the internet?

    If available via the internet, are there any public(free) programming libraries available?

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    try www.optionsxpress.com, or set up watch list with your broker's online web trading program, or get Tradestation, eSignal.