Where do you get analysis of fundmental events?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by kiev, Jan 26, 2018.

  1. kiev


    For example, I'm interested in trump's infrastructure plan, and I want to know professional opinion or analysis about that, where can I find these kind of articles?

    Seeking alpha seems a good site to read analysis for companies, not the things like infrastructure plan or finance deregulation, any other sites can I go to?
  2. Bobbybax


    Don't be long bonds the day it passes.
  3. heispark


    and twitter.
    www.financialjuice.com is also very good with free realtime squawk service (similar to talkingforex.)
    For the pay services, talkingforex.com or ransquawk.com or even IFRMarkets.com (USD 400 /month).
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  4. tomorton


    You already know more about this than I do (though I'm not in the US). What's the trading plan you have which requires you to have analysis of this infrastructure plan?
  5. kiev


    It's helpful, thanks