where do you find free books?

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  1. where do you search for free books?

    i usually try scribd.com before ordering online
  2. The first thing I try is to google the name of the book with the suffix "pdf".
  3. Besides the above suggestion, try: http://www.bookos.org/.
  4. I'm packing up to throw away a ton of books. i might call a local used book store to see if they want to come get them. Lots of trading books, sales books, novels, business, bibles, construction and on. I think I've spent too much time reading in my life.
  5. I already did that. Getting rid of my books was like taking a big shit.
  6. 1) Put them in the overnight drop-slot at a public library. They can keep them of get some cash for them. :cool:
    2) If you live in suburban Chicago, I might be interested in some of the construction-related titles. :)
  7. I live out in the sticks, Lubbock TX. I'll do that with the library if they want them. A couple of the trading books are so crappy I'd hate for someone to read it and then lose their money.
  8. I'm getting rid of everything, selling all my construction equipment and shop, I sub out my work anyway, house, two extra cars, dog, extra phone lines and cell phones. I travel a lot working and I enjoy the RV lifestyle. My wife died so I'm going to do the RV'ing for a year or so, cut overhead and responsibilities (clear my head hopefully) and save about 40 grand a year in the process.
  9. Reminds me. I was at a garage sale, there were a few trading books, I asked if her husband (who had recently died) was a trader and she said yes (retail), "he never made any money".

    One book stuck out as crappy "Mutual funds for dummies".:D
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