Where do we live?

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  1. Pekelo


    I don't think this is accurate, but according to Alexa:

    Elitetrader.com users come from these countries:

    United States 46.2%
    Singapore 8.4%
    United Kingdom 7.9%
    Hungary 6.5%
    Canada 5.2%
    Australia 4.5%
    Ireland 2.3%
    China 1.9%
    Venezuela 1.8%
    Malaysia 1.8%
    India 1.8%
    South Africa 1.3%
    Israel 1.0%
    Malta 0.8%
    Italy 0.6%
    Russia 0.6%
    Bulgaria 0.6%
    Greece 0.5%
    Romania 0.5%
    Portugal 0.5%
    Poland 0.5%
    Palestinian Ter. 0.4%
    Germany 0.4%
    France 0.4%
    New Zealand 0.4%
    Other countries 3.4%
  2. Baron

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    The order of the countries is about right except for the Hungary entry. But the last time I checked, about 67% of our visitors are from the U.S.
  3. Pekelo


    I agree. I didn't think there were that many readers from Malta or the Palestinian territories either... :)

    I don't know about France maybe trading isn't so popular there. The low rank for Germany is probably explained that there are quite a lot of trader messageboards in German for them...

  4. do u check the ip addresses or is it from the bios?
  5. Baron

    Baron ET Founder

    Reverse DNS lookup from IPs.
  6. ElCubano


    No Cubans??? :confused:
  7. Baron

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    You mean cubans as in Miami or cubans as in Cuba? :D

    We have plenty of visitors from Miami.
  8. Japan... there's roberk, tsganngalt n' yours truly and...? just the 3 of us? friggin' unbelievable!!!
  9. Yeah they call miami little habana.. I don't know about that anymore.. I think there are more Cubans in Miami than there are in Cuba last I checked.. I'm not complaining b/c the ladies barely speak a lick of English but are up for the task at all times of the night. :D :D
  10. nitro


    What about any Outer Mongolians? I want to hang out with a Mongoloid.

    nitro :confused:
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