Where do we go from here?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by dbphoenix, Jun 3, 2003.

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    While the badinage with Jesse is certainly entertaining, it serves no real purpose. Perhaps members might be interested in discussing those elements which would signal a potential trend reversal, such as strong volume with little or no upside progress, stage one/two/three trendlines, KRDs, etc., as well as those elements which would signal a continuation. While all this might be old hat to experienced traders, newcomers might find it useful.

    Or maybe not.

    In any case, no one would be "giving away" anything, and there would be no need to get into a lot of "call" nonsense.
  2. LOL.

    give it up, you were wrong, and then you compounded it by making up whatever BS you possibly could to deny it.
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    About what?
  4. I'm sticking with the trend until it's broken. I'm not smart enough to pick tops and bottoms. I pick a timeframe, develop a premise for a trend, and stick with it until it's broken. I also scale out, so I can take profits along the way. I also cut my losses short.

    It's also important to have rock solid discipline or else you will self destruct.

    From my experience, that is the only way to make it as a trader.
  5. Even though I'm not basing all of my trading on it ... I think we'll touch Dow 9000 again this week.
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    These levels are too important not to test at least once in this timeframe (though you never know). The more they're tested, the better and more dependable the breakout, if there's a continuation.
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    Should be in a wave 5 and topping out shortly.

    probably a retrace to sub 900 or more, depending on your outlook.

    at least that's what i expect until proven wrong.