Where do traders that need leverage for their quant-developed arbing EA's trade now?

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  1. The new 50:1 leverage just cut their income by one zero.

    So which offshore forex dealer do they choose? Instaforex...? Taduwul?....Forex Open?

    Where is the safest place in Cypress to trade for a US citizen?

    Instaforex claims to have 1:1000 leverage available with hedging... would you park your money there knowing they could close shop? or any offshore forex dealer far away from the USA...would you feel safe? What do these heavy leverage hedgers do?


    P.S. Triangular arbitrage and various arbitrage programs that trade inefficiency's really need the leverage (not tie up a lot of capital) as the pips are not great...but they are "quant-safe"..thus the leverage is used to its max. no I do not trade this way, so do not ask...but I wish I had a quant friend that turned me on to this way of trading...hint...hint.. :D☺
  2. my previous 500:1 broker was in Cyprus and they no longer accept US, Canadian clients
    and presume it's the same for the other brokers in Cyprus

    Australia ?
  3. Dukascopy
  4. Most offshore will not deal directly with US citizens.
    US Govt under the patriot act are strong arming everyone... even the swiss.
    US citizens can setup foreign corps or buy ready made offshore shell corps and use these entities to trade without the restrictions imposed on US Citizens.

    Take a look at Dukascopy 100:1

    If safety is your primary concern... Trade Currency Futures
  5. Their MT4 is only for demo mode only and it is not clear if clients residing the USA are accepted.