where do people find the time?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by stock_trad3r, Dec 5, 2008.

  1. to write all this drivel?

    and not get paid? blah albh blah. By the time everyone knows all the facts about the fake crisis, the recovery is already underway. It's not like reading all this information will give you an edge. It's just a big waste of time-for the author and reader. Same for reading the economist, wall street journl, or Ney World Times. Same for watching TV or reading acticles about the crisis. To make the most money in this market you need to shut yourslef out fr all the doom and gloom hysteria and buy.
  2. from the same place you find time to post the crap you post on ET

    life is truly worthless, when you look back the whole point of life is to waste it as fast as possible, when in hardship life goes slow, when in joy it seems to go fast

  3. Are you stating your life has no purpose?
  4. you got a good point, but there are exceptions to that such as RFT's financialtraders blog. nothing beats a market call in realtime or ahead of real-time, and let the market be the judge. numbers never lie.
  5. from the same place you found the time to make 8000 asinine posts
  6. Stock trader one question.

    With over a year of downward momentum with no clear signs of an uptrend does it make sense to buy right now??????!

    I am totally with you when the market has been in an uptrend for at least a month.
  7. of coarse it doesn't, who says it has to?