Where do people discuss about AI trading?

Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by GloriaBrown, Nov 17, 2020.

  1. Very few people talked about it over here.
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    people here still know for a fact the world is flat so ai is as real as et. :D
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    The uppercase I (pronounced "eye") in the thread title looks the same as the lowercase l (pronounced "el") in the URL I posted. The URL was intended as a joke as indicated by the ":D."
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    oh i got it, lol. was caught off guard anyone would be as witty as i am, wish i had thought of that.

    in other words i got one upped...
  7. ... Because people here use way superior techniques like painting candlesticks and calculating moving averages. No space for AI.

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  8. Some people over here like to draw straight lines on graphs then call it pro analysis
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    AI can rewrite itself to correct flaws. It does this automatically and it does this 24 hours a day. Think about if humans could correct themselves to stop making errors while being able to take almost everything into account instantly. I'm thinking this learning curve will be exponential and could soon screw us.
  10. Well I read stuff about AI trading and nothing impressive so far. It is just like keep finding a better parameters values with very complicated math, researchers still need to feed math formula first then AI cannot do anything more than what that formula can predict in the market. It is like you tell AI to use moving average then AI keeps finding a better paramater in the moving average formula. AI still cannot figure out a formula by itself yet. Then it is not that useful at least for trading.
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