Where do Intra-day Traders keep their money?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Zr1Trader, Sep 20, 2012.

  1. Lets say you keep a minimal amount to cover margins in your brokerage account(s).

    Where do you put the rest?

    Money Market, bank accounts, long term stocks/funds, gold/silver, other business ventures, real estate, land

    Interested in what others do?

  2. At the grocery store till. The vast majority make less than someone flipping burgers
  3. I thought we're all Elite Traders though :confused:
  4. Bob111


    in the bags...eye bags :p
  5. Daring


    I constantly swap from brokers and bank accounts.

    When things are going well, I transfer back to banks.

    When things are not doing well, I fund from the banks.

    Trade options using good leverage so works for me and at the same time I minimize the risk of having my capital in non FDIC insured institutions like brokers.

    When the dow is quite below the 200 daily MA, I like to swap a bit from the banks into long term DIA.
  6. Anyone here use treasuries as deposits and get credit for 90% of face value? Then if broker goes belly up at least you have still have treasuries? I read somewhere you can do that , could someone elaborate? Important to have your name on the treasuries instead of "street name" ?

    I really don't know that much about treasuries , bonds, or the like. So looking for someone more familiar to chime in.