where do I invest?

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    Can anyone give me some pointers on investing? How do I know which company is best to invest with?. Firstly, I want a company that is in the Caribbean cause I hear they have a growing market. Secondly, I want to get a good interest rate, nothing less than 4%. So guys, hola at me if you know anywhere good.

    Don’t send me link to dealsjamaica and texincest, im already checking them out they give 5% but I want to shop around.
  2. You are a mumbling idiot. I read a few of your posts and they are just terrible. If you have not heard, worldcom and enron do not trade anymore. Have you lost money in these names recently? if you have, that explains it.

    as for the op who wants pointers, here for both of you.


    when you learn what a trend is, highs and lows, volume, and other complicated things like this come back and well chat some more.

    I am sure you have seen the commercial with the soccer moms standing in the pits yelling "50 shares of consolidated at 53.50!!" hi five!!! I like. you two are hilarious. :p :p
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    Try to learn at least some basic stuff: stocks don't give intrest rates, they give dividends, something totally different.
    First lesson: buy yourself a good book on investing ...
  4. Here is a link to a stock screener that identifies stocks paying 4 % dividend yield. http://screen.yahoo.com/stocks.html

    The screener shows 1236 stocks paying minimum 4 % yield. I do not know what companies are located in the Caribbean but you might find some names that you recognize as companies located in the Caribbean.

    Warren Buffett makes a lot of money by investing, you might read his writings. http://www.berkshirehathaway.com/
  5. Herzfeld Caribbean Basin Fund (symbol- CUBA). Great dividend and a pure play on that region.

  6. casino stocks
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    Samadhi ... i'm bad but not that bad i got the joke right off the bat... i'm new to investing not stupid .... thanks all for the advice i'm going through now to see if they are what I need... THANKS!!!!