Where do I go from here?

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    Hi Guys,

    I have a few questions from someone wanting to become a career trader after school(me:D ). I am a rising junior in high school, and I am now being approached with the idea of what I want to major in in college, where I want to go to college, and those kinds of things. I really enjoy investing, and picking stocks and watching them make money(most of the time), and I want to get into a job in the investing field. The thing I really would like to do is open, a hedge fund, but I know that is very difficult. Where do I even start? Also, what should I major in in college? Where? I do know a good bit about investing, enough to know it is something I love, despite the losses. So where should I go from here? Oh, I know some of you will say run while I still can...well, I hate to say it but I love it to much:D By the way, thanks in advance for any advice I get!

  2. Jake - there's a few threads floating around ET about this topic, so try the search feature too.

    As for colleges and such, I recommend something with money and computer programming. I majored in Finance and while that was good for certain things, I sure could use more computer programming skills now. Depending on where you go later, you'll need/want that computer programming part. It's one thing to have a trading idea, but to put it into coding is a special talent.

    I would also look for colleges that have some sort of stock trading course(s). The college I went to, while a 'small' school, it had courses where you actually traded/invested real money (part of the school's endowment). It's one thing to trade real money vs. a stock simulator. I understand there's also colleges that are offering technical analysis courses. That would be great to find!

    Good luck!
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    I think the most important thing for you to do just now is to get into the absolute best university you can; you know the names, apply to as many as feasible and take the absolute best entry you are offered. Much like trading, now that I consider it...
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    Thanks for the advice so far! By the way, are there any hedge fund managers here? How much capital does it really take to start one?

  5. I don't think universities in the US offer much in the way of classes on trading. Some may offer courses about structure of the financial markets, and basic classes about personal finance and investing (junior colleges have these), as well as monetary policy.

    Trading and investing are real-world skills that I and many others have learned on our own. However, you will notice that many traders have analytical minds, so I suggest you take classes in science, math, statistics, and computer programming -- regardless of your major. Once you have the thought process ingrained in you, you can learn anything on your own. But I think a strong math/stats background is very valuable in this field. That is a big reason why I think the general public will never deeply understand the more complex instruments like options, because the math behind them is beyond what many adults are capable of grasping.
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    Yeah, I have done some research and as of yet I haven't really found any schools that actually teach stock market related classes. Does anyone have any reccomendations?

  7. You would be better served getting a finance and computing degree then working for an investment bank as an intern in the summer, then trying to trade for a bank if you want to run a hedge fund. It is next to impossible for a hedge fund to start without $25million at the very least.

    Opening a hedge fund is not really an appropriate step for someone with just a degree, the vast majority of hedge fund managers have come from bank prop desks after many years learning a craft. Unless you are extremely lucky to have some rich friebnds stupid enought to give you the startup cash, try the bank route.
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    I am glad you started young

    that is a big benefit

    don't do drugs, no dope

    don't drink

    don't have too much sex, it will teach you short term goals only

    immediately start playing with demo accounts and day trade

    don't waste time on books

    DO NOT WASTE time thinking that answer lies in indicators.

    good luck kid

    you'll need it.

    but I believe in you !!!!!