Where do I get holding lists of ETFs?

Discussion in 'ETFs' started by hedron, Oct 9, 2014.

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    Let's say I wanted to download a list of IWM's holdings. Where would I do that? If it was ten or twenty issues I could just do it by typing into notepad, but not when there are 2000 issues.

    I know there are sites like etfchannel.com which list the holdings, but they don't just list it on one page. I can't be bothered to click through 100 different pages and c/p. Maybe like 5 pages would be ok, though.

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    Good answer above.

    In my experience whether it's a big or small fund company (sponsor) they usually have a link to an Excel sheet with the latest holdings, price, percentage, and misc cash or FX.
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    Excellent ETF resource http://etfdb.com/

    links to ETF homepages, which usually have DL abilities.
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  6. Good answers above regarding the web sites. The best source is usually the issuer itself (Powershares/Ishares, etc.) However keep in mind that the holdings change over time, especially the "Top 10" holdings which carry the most weighting. So it's best to keep revisiting the site(s) every so often to take a note of the changes, if any.