Where do I get fundamental data?

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    I currently have a database full of open/close/high/low/volume quotes which I got from Yahoo. I want to add some fundamental indicators, such as % ownership by investors over time, % ownership by insiders, revenue, profit, etc. all over time. Is there any way to get this information for free other than parsing webpages for it?
  2. most people who have a trading account have access to such information (example: scottrade, tdameritrade...) if thats not an option, yahoo finance, msn money, goog finance, marketwatch, cnn money, fox business, bloomberg, and routers should be enough.

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    Do any of these services offer the data in downloadable form, rather than simply on some webpage? It would be nice if all the data could be downloaded in a CSV file -- some standardized format that is easy to parse.
  4. not that i know of. briefing.com might offer something like that tho.
  5. I could be wrong but doesn't the SEC website offer the user a way <br>to download copious Fundamental data on any public company for free...

    via their edgar site...


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