Where do I get fast internet?

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  1. I do day trading. I usually put lot of charts for many stocks on the monitor. I only care about real time data.

    I am using Comcast cable now. They have 12mpb/s download speed. Don't know whether there is a way to get faster than that.

    Comcast is the main player here, but I think Verizon may also have service here.

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    If Verizon FIOS is available in your area then jump on it. Depending on your area, they may offer speeds as fast as 50/50Mbps.

    Also DSL Extreme is now a FIOS reseller and offers better deals on the high-end FIOS packages.
  3. 12 mbps is plenty. Unless you're trading in microseconds, which is pointless, you have plenty of bandwidth.
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    12 mbps is theoretical which in practice should be around 85% of that. Check your line real speed.
    Computer hardware may be your most likely performance problem. Review your CPU and RAM.
  5. 12mps sure is good enough for sending orders. I don't send millions of orders every second. however, i do open lot of charts on my monitors, usually 10 of them, real time charts. Would 12mPBS enough for that?

    Just tested my computer speed. the one that is wired (cat5 cable) to the modem has 7.8mpb/s, and the computer I am using for trading is wireless. The speed is 3.8mpbs/s. The router and wireless adapter both are 54mpb/s, so why the wireless internet is slower than the cabled internet?

    Anyway i can bump up the speed of wireless internet?


  6. 10 charts damn that's alot of charts! you better get some that new fangled fios internet to handle all that data.

    if u want the fastest connection wired is the way to go for now. straight from ur modem or router.

    i have comcast internet and run way more charts youll be fine.
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    I have 200-300 charts, fast stocks, tick-by-tick, and it rarely uses more than 300-400 kbps ... well under 1 mbps
  8. C'mon, tell the truth.

    You're looking for a faster connection so you can dl your porn faster.
  9. Not sure what you talk of, but it dependso n the feed. NxCore claims full feed (no symbol selection) of all major excahnged including options (which account for 90% of the trffic) in about 5-6 mbit, if i read it correctly.

    Good feeds use smart compression.

    I know one feed in development for US Stocks that will deliver all in realtime without problems.
  10. 802.11g wireless never achieves the advertised 54 mbps. Try half of that.

    If you use 802.11n router, wireless adapters etc, you will do better. You gotta change the hardware.
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