where do fx prices originate ?

Discussion in 'Forex' started by Wallace, Nov 15, 2009.

  1. i admit to naive ignorance about the answer to this question - ahh bliss

    for instance closed H - L prices on fri nov 13/09:

    MT4: . . . . . 1.4936 - 1.4824
    Oanda: . . . 1.4939 - 1.4825
    Globex 6E: 1.4937 - 1.4823

    there's a variance between the price movement of the 6E and eurusd - mt4 - and either
    one can lead the other, but the 6E has the tendancy to go a pip or two H / L at the end
    of a wave, also mt4 and Oanada quotes tend to be 2 pips above the 6E

    who's setting the price ? at least at the 'start of the day'
    i only recall one large down opening on the Sunday after Saddam was captured - opened
    down 100+ pips, who decided that ?
  2. rosy2


    banks. there is a an arbitrage free price that must be met.
  3. Mkt makers...
  4. Lloyd Blankfein