Where Did You Find your Strategy?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by dafugginman, Dec 27, 2006.

  1. Just shake the ball...that's it.


    Then after a few years of consistent profits...you can move into the advance trading via supernatural stuff.


    I heard Ouija board is excellent for trading Treasury Futures or Eurex Fixed Income Derivatives.


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  2. jtnet


    shake a ball? i see no balls lol
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  3. The strategies are the least important factor. Knowing how to trade is whats required. Flags work. Double bottoms and tops work. Breakouts work. Most go broke trading them. A few make money. What is required? Self control is my guess.
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  4. I think the thread starter is asking where did we find our strategy.

    In other words, what spark the development of our methodology.

    However, I still think the magic 8 ball and ouija board can outperform most traders.


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  5. Yes, at the end the Guys at LTCM were using a Quija board...




    HAVE STOP <img src="http://www.enflow.com/p.gif"> WILL TRADE
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  6. The only "strategy" I have is to be on the right side of the market, as timely as possible. I suppose it's "tape reading" overall that gives me an opinion that ultimately pulls the trigger, but it's an amalgam of news interpretation, cross-market relationships, sentiment, etc. Charts are just for catch up and I rarely need to look at them if I've been focusing continuously on a single market. Blind "setups" are very rarely used, as nothing as simple as a technical indicator or pattern alone is enough for me to initiate a position.
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  7. I don't use indicators. I watch the depth in the order book and movement of the bid/ask spread. This is very consistent for me but highly unscalable.
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  8. jllm03


    Elite Trader...Of course...

    I just started reading what everyone else was doing and adjusted my strategy to fit.

    ...also years of following the markets, and learning from my mistakes (most of the time).
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  10. This is my strategy sumarized in a poem...


    Don’t let them see your hand.
    Like a little bird jumping on a keyboard,
    Keep your mouth quite, don’t be noisy.

    If you keep your size small,
    Be like a mouse at midnight.
    They will try to find not to hit you.

    Don’t fight the sharks little fish, take the spoils.
    Grow and become a shark.
    Don’t fight the whales little shark, take the spoils.
    Grow and become a whale.
    And once you’re a big fat whale,
    Please leave spoil for the fish.
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