Where did wrbtrader go?

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  1. His last post at ET was Sept 16, 2016 I believe. His website has not been updated since Sept 13, 2016 it looks like. Anyone know where he went to or whatever?
  2. Baron

    Baron ET Founder

    Hard to say. He had some pretty outrageous claims on his website so he could have ran into some issues with that.
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  3. RRY16


    Him and D.B Phoenix ran off to Belize.
  4. vanzandt


    What happened to Jackrabbit? He run off with Marsman?
  5. tlatoani


    Likely chewed up and spit out when he switched from the simulated account to real money. Happens all the time....
  6. wrbtrader


    I was told you knew I was in the hospital. Spent several weeks in a coma. I'll try harder to get the word out to those that sincerely care. If you need specific details...just email me. Had a little trouble logging into my ET account...not sure why.

    Will be back posting again around mid December (currently doing rehab to re-strengthen my muscles) and then hopefully trading again January. Doctors, nurses and physio guy weren't kidding...for each day in a coma...you lose about 10% of your strength. Feels like I currently have none.

    Regardless, next year I'll take a long vacation during the summer. Not sure where but someplace hot and lots of water...just an early heads up so that people don't say the same crap next summer that I still see posted at ET after I haven't been posting for awhile. Same talk last time many years ago when I was on a 3 week vacation.

    M.A. Perry
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  7. Gotcha


    Wow... I just saw this now and I'm sorry Baron, but this is a new low. You clearly have no problem with any yahoo on here making outrageous claims, but you pick on someone who has very clearly documented his trading for years? If you went to any trouble to see what he is doing (ie. logging, journaling, charting every trade to see if its all made up or real), you would see how completely transparent he is with his postings.

    I know transparency is a word you probably don't understand because you let any idiot post anything on here. You perhaps even pay them in order to drum up business. For years you let marketsurfer post endless shit, full well knowing he was posting under multiple aliases with the same IP address. Now you have this Trading Education Buyer doing the exact same thing. When I logged in yesterday and looked at the current threads, an entire 1/3 were all posts started by him.

    Elitetrader has turned into the trash magazine of trading venues, it is the National Enquirer of news, and I'm not sure if you have noticed. I know internet traffic for you is the bottom line, which is fine because its all about the money, but if you are going to start throwing things like credibility around, take a long hard look at all your experts posters here that you seem to defend because most of them are shit. Many of your top posters have been blown up multiple times, as I've come to learn from private discussions with a few of the legit guys here.

    You clearly are not in any way able to ascertain who is a credible trader because if you were, you would have clearly had to do something about very many traders here already. Since its not your job to verify the authenticity of any trader or their claims, I think you should stay clear of this because by starting with wrbtrader, you are really barking up the wrong tree.
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  9. Baron

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    Nobody told me so I'm not sure where you got that from. Nevertheless, I certainly hope you're doing OK no matter what. :thumbsup:
  10. Gotcha


    I join the ranks of 99% of the other members on here who have gone through countless other aliases. Its a rite of passage. :)

    I do commend you for hanging onto yours for so long, but at the same time, since I haven't seen you post a single thing about trading in the past 5 pages of your posting history, its not that hard to accomplish this.

    So tell me, what about wrbtrader do you consider a fraud? Don't get me wrong, I'm the first person who wants to be skeptical about everything read on ET with regards to trading so I'm more than willing to have an open mind as long as you produce something tangible that we can discuss.
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